Northern Lights Photo Gallery
February 2009
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Summary: A solar wind stream hit Earth on Feb. 13th, sparking geomagnetic storms and Northern Lights around the Arctic Circle. See also January 2009.

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Cheri & John Warren,
Tromso, Norway
Feb. 14, 2009
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The Northern Lights came in 3 blasts that were magical!

Photo details: We were shooting with a pair of Canon 50Ds. One had a 15mm fish eye and the other a 20mm. f1.8, 15 seconds, ISO 800.

Gaffri Johnson,
Nuuk, Greenland
Feb. 14, 2009
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During the week I went out every evening hoping to see the magical show unfolding before my eyes. Saturday I got lucky and went up on a hill just sitting and laying down while watching the green blankets and stripes curling around on the sky. I took on my earphones and put some music on.

Photo details: Canon 400D, with a 10-20 mm Sigma on 10mm, f5, ISO 100, 30 sek exposure AP Mode

Mark Humpage,
Ravnastua, Karasjok, Finnmark, Norway
Feb. 14, 2009
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I travelled to Norway last week, from UK, for the Valentine solar activity. Stayed just outside of Karasjok in Finnmark, Norway. We had clear skies and a fine display of Northern Lights on every evening with Saturday Feb 14 giving the best display. I wanted to capture the aurora combined with a star trail to see the effect. Here is the result. Nearly 300 images of 15 second exposure time (approx 1.5hrs) worth of time in one image. Taken with Olympus E3, 7-14mm lens at ISO 320. Stacked and flattened in I thought it looked kind of neat and definitely something different. Also a few other stills from trip.

Ed Stockard,
Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
Feb. 14, 2009
#1, #2, #3, #4, more was correct that Valentine's Day would give us a fine show of aurora borealis. We spent over two hours at different locations around Kangerlussuaq, Greenland photographing varying degrees and colors of Northern Lights.

more images:
from Claus Vogel of Pangnirtung, Nunavut (Baffin Island, Canada)