Northern Lights Photo Gallery
February 2010
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Summary: After a two-year lull, solar activity is picking up again. The increase could herald brighter displays of Northern Lights in 2010. Stay tuned! See also Jan. 2010.

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Helge Mortensen,
Kvaløya, Troms, Norway
Feb. 15, 2010
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There was a fantastic blast of Auroras tonight. To bad I had to get ready for work tomorrow. It was a fantastic view. The Aurora was really active and had lots of movements. Most of these image are taken with ISO 800 and 15-20s with my Canon EOS 40D

Fredrik Broms,
Kvaløya, Norway
Feb. 15, 2010
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As soon as the snow-clouds departed this evening the auroras appeared in the sky and were unusually bright during the whole night - even in the far south. The structure was composed of very distinct bands and curtains in green and violet, and some fainter coronas. An evening that I will never ever forget - an aurora feast!

Photo details: Nikon D3, Nikkor 20mm f/2,8, ISO 800-1000, Exposures between 6 and 15 sec

M-P Markkanen,
Kuusamo, Finland
Feb. 16, 2010
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Lovely night. The most beautiful display of auroras I've witnessed this winter. And they were all over the sky. Big arc went right across the sky on the southern sky and a smaller and more vivid one in the northern horizon. After 8pm UTC the auroras "exploded" and there was some nice movement, and they also cast faint shadows on the snow. Seems like the deep solar minumun could be at end. Calm before the storms, perhaps ?

Photo details: Nikon D80, ISO 500-800, 20s-30s exposures, 18-70@18mm f/3.5

Jason Pineau,
Yellowknife, NT, Canada
Feb. 14, 2010
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This is my kind of sunset!

Photo details: Rebel XTi with Sigma 10-20mm.

Wioleta Zarzycka,
Feb. 16, 2010
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Nikon D40, ISO400, F3.5, 20sek. Aurora was dancing on the sky, I was waiting for her...

more images: from John Gray of Butt of Lewis, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides; from Martin McKenna of Maghera, Co. Derry, N. Ireland