January 2008
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Summary: A solar wind stream hit Earth on Jan. 4th sparking the first auroras of the new solar cycle.

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Saima Mark,
Kuujjuaq, Quebec, Canada
Jan. 5, 2008

Photo details: Nikon D40, 18-55mm, f/3.5, 30 second exposure.

Aleksander Chernucho,
Russian Kolyskia peninsula mountan Khibiny
Jan. 1, 2008
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Photo details: Nikon D200 iso 800 F4 18mm lens 70-90s exposure.

Sylvain Serre,
Salluit, Nunavik, Quebec, Canada
Jan. 8, 2008
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These auroras were very bright in the ice, the snow, the mountains...

Photo details: Canon EOS 30D, 1600 ISO, 15 sec., f4.0

Rune Christiansen,
Nuuk, Greenland
Jan. 5, 2008

A front was moving in very fast, so the camera lens is pointing straight up.

Photo details: Canon EOS 5D, 17 mm, F4, 30s and iso 800

Aleksander Chernucho,
Russian Kolyskia penunsula mountan Khibiny
Jan. 5, 2008
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Photo details: Nikon D200, iso 800 F4 10mm lens 30-71s exposure.

Calvin Hall,
Palmer Alaska
Jan. 4, 2008
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Nice start to the next solar cycle. It was a nice flowing display that stayed fairly active for an hour and a half or so. A Great Horned Owl would Hoot when the display was most active. Happy New Year!

Tom Eklund,
Akaa, Finland
Jan. 5, 2008
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To celebrate the start of the solar cycle 24, I had a evening out and catched the first light of the cycle.

Photo details: Nikon D200, 400ASA, Sigma 20mm, f/2.2 and 15-25 sec.

Tuomas Sydanmetsa,
Pyhanta Finland
Jan. 6, 2008
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Photo details: Nikon D300 +Sigma 20mm 1,8 iso 500 f2 15 and 30sec

Yuichi Takasaka,
Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada
Jan. 4, 2008
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I was waiting for the sky to clear up in Yellowknife on the Jan. 4 to see Quadrantid meteor. The forecast was calling for some snow, so I started to drive south until the sky got clear. After about 500km south at Hay River, the sky was clear, so I dashed to the shore of the Great Slave Lake to photograph the meteors. I saw several dozens of meteors but only one was on the record. Faint Aurora lit the skies until the clouds moved in.

Wolfgang Dzieran,
Tromsoe, Norway
Jan. 5, 2008
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First aurora of the new solar cycle - and first aurora I saw above the polar circle. I was visiting Tromsoe in Norway just at the right time, aurora was so bright! First photo was made in the afternoon (3.30 p.m. local time, =2.30 p.m. UT) direct in the city at the harbour, the second some time later between street houses.