September 2006
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  Summary: A solar wind stream hit Earth on Sept. 3rd sparking a brief but strong geomagnetic storm.
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Robb McCaghren,
Drumheller, Alberta, Canada
Sep. 03
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A good friend of mine and I went on a road trip to Drumheller to take photos of the Hoodoos... Turned out that the northern shy was vivid with 'photographic Auroras'. It made for a very eerie backdrop over an almost alien landscape. As we drove home (north) the Auroras got brighter and brighter until there were ribbons of light dancing accross the sky from horizon to horizon.

Pat Collins,
East central Labrador, Canada
Sep. 03
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The auroras occurred as high curtains that shimmered and changed from green-blue to red every few seconds. Generally there was a strong "front" that trailed off in diffuse bands of less intense of green.

Photo details: Canon Rebel XT with a 10-22 mm USM lens. All exposures are ~ 60 seconds @ ISO 800 and f/6.3. only noise reduction filtering or processing has been applied.

Geoff Lussier,
Patrica Beach, Manitoba, Canada
Sep. 04
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Had a feeling that tonight was going to be worth while. Waited the auroras out and got a nice G2 gift around 2:30am CST after the moon had set. The big part of the show lasted for about an hour with some purple and blue making quick appearances. Quite bright at times. Submitted images are a few quick pics from the evening.

Photo details: Canon 20D, 10-22mm EFS, ISO 800-1600, 8secs to 60secs.

Shawn Malone,
Craig Lake State Park, Baraga County, Michigan
Sep. 01
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I could see a glow on the horizon, but wasn't sure if the very faint glow was from stars or aurora. The total image development time was 78 min (39min exposure with equal timed noise reduction in camera). After waiting this time to see the final result, the presence of green in the image confirmed the visible light was indeed aurora.

Photo details: Canon EOS 5D, f3.5 ISO 250.

Matti Suopajarvi,
Kaakamo, Tornio, Finland
Sep. 01

Starting of a great Northern lights.

Photo details: Nikon D200 Asa 400, 20 mm Nikkor 2.8/3 sec.

Ragnar Johnskas,
Ringsaker, Norway
Sep. 01
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September starts with aurora, mostly a green arc low in the horizon.

Photo details: Canon 20D with Sigma 20mm at F: 2.0, 13 sec and 400 ASA.