September 2011

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  Summary: A coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth's magnetic field on Sept. 9th, sparking a (Kp=7) geomagnetic storm. Northern Lights were sighted in the United States as far south as Maine, Michigan, Vermont and Washington. Another CME struck on Sept. 17th, sparking a Kp=6 storm. (See also August 2011.)  
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Asle Hjellbrekke,
Kuusamo, Finland, just south of the Arctic Circle.
Sep. 10, 2011

The International Nature Photo Festival in Kuusamo, Finland had a kick start last night. At about 3 o'clock the sky cleared and revealed some magic auroras. For one hour it was really a magic show! Photo taken with Nikon D3S, 14-28mm/2.8 at 14mm and 2.8, 2 seconds and ISO 3200. No tripod - handheld sitting on a chair in a graden inside the city. Waitng for next night with anticipation!

Shawn Malone,
Marquete, Michigan
Sep. 10, 2011
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Aurora appeared right after dusk, barely visible because of the moon. Gradually the fog moved in, creating a surreal landscape- the aurora and a fogbow! 5d/1600/2.8/5 sec exp/2.8

P-M Hedén,
Vallentuna, Sweden
Sep. 10, 2011
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Northern lights all the way down to Vallentuna outside Stockholm. I did a time-lapse pf the event and when I put together all the shots I got this photo. It shows an airplane circles around before landing at Arlanda airport. Canon 550D and Tamron 11mm. Time-lapse:

Jason Dunning,
Outside of Tallinn, Estonia.
Sep. 11, 2011
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Had two nice nights of lights here in Northern Estonia.

John Gray,
Eoropie, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.
Sep. 11, 2011
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Noticed around 20:45 that there was a green glow over to the lighthouse (butt of Lewis) then the colours and curtains started to form, lasted for a few minutes, kept coming back even now and then. Canon 1000D 18mm 800ISO 20sec.

Nathan Biletnikoff,
Cattle Point, San Juan Island, Puget Sound, Washington.
Sep. 9, 2011

Wonderful display starting just after 10pm. Nikon D3000, f/3.5 ISO 400 36sec

Bob Johnson,
Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada
Sep. 9, 2011

Even with an almost Full Harvest Moon the Auroras came through, thanks again Spaceweather Phone for the heads up. Taken with my Canon 40D and Tokina fisheye lens, ISO 1600, 15 sec exposure

Dominic Cantin,
Valbélair ( 15km north of Québec city )
Sep. 9, 2011
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The near full Moon was very bright to light the landscape but the auroras was strong enough to give a real good show ! photo details : Canon 1D Mark III , iso 800 , Tokina 11-16mm @ f2,8 , 15 to 25 seconds exposure.

more images: from Jerry Kram of Hazen, North Dakota; from Pavel Kantsurov of Russia, Norilsk; from Joseph Shaw of Bozeman, Montana; from John Stetson of Sebago Lake, Maine; from Anita Erdmann of Morley, Alberta, Canada just west of Calgary, Alberta; from Trevor Prentice of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; from Doug Kiesling of north of Saint Cloud, MN; from Horace Smith of Gratiot County, Michigan; from Dave Hughes of West of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; from Wioleta Zarzycka of Iceland, Reykjavik;