Jan. 22-23, 2001 Aurora Gallery
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Summary: Sunspot group 9313 unleashed two solar flares on Saturday, Jan. 20th: an M1-class explosion at 1830 UT followed by a powerful M8-class flare three hours later. At about the same time SOHO coronagraphs spotted a pair of bright coronal mass ejections (CMEs) with faint halo components. The CMEs hit Earth's magnetosphere on Jan23rd at 1030 UT, but they did not trigger mid-latitude aurora.

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John Russell, Nome, Alaska #1, #2, #3, more John Russell captured these photos on January 22nd, the day before the expected CME impact(s). Photo details: Nikon N90s, Fuji Super HQ 200 film, Nikkor 35mm@f2, 15 and 20 seconds. 22Jan at 2:45am. Click here for more aurora photos from John Russell.

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