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  Summary: Comet McNaught swung by the Sun in mid-January 2007. Fierce solar heat turned it into the brightest comet in 40 years; for a few days it was actually visible in broad daylight! When McNaught emerged from the sun's glare into the skies of the Southern Hemisphere, the tail alone stopped traffic and was mistaken for a brush fire, an explosion, a mysterious cloud and probably many other things never reported. For photographers, it was the photo-op of a lifetime. Now Comet NcNaught is receding into the outer solar system never to return -- only the pictures remain. Enjoy the gallery!
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Mike Salway,
The Entrance, NSW Australia
Jan. 15, 2007
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For us in the Southern Hemisphere, McNaught put on its first real show last night.

Photo details: Canon 350D, 300mm lens, f/5, ISO 100, 1.3 sec exposure.

Rui Geraldes,
Matola, Mozambique
Jan. 15, 2003
#1, #2

Photo details: SONY DSC-H1, Exposure 1/6 s, f/4, ISO 64, 72mm lens

Morton Henderson,
North Head, Sydney, Australia, looking back towards the city.
Jan. 15, 2007

The photo doesn't do the comet justice at all. Through 7x50 binoculars it was awesome. I even saw it with the naked eye in full daylight at 3pm!

Photo details: Canon EOS 10D, 70-200mm f/4 + 1.4TC @ 208mm. 1/15s, f/5.6, ISO 800, exp comp +1. Tripod.

Minoru Yoneto,
Queenstown, New Zealand
Jan. 15, 2007
#1, more

I took this with children in a summer school holiday.

Photo details: Pentax *ist Ds, SMC-Pentax 500mm/F4.5(F8.0),1.4X tele-converter, 1/20sec, ISO200

David Hough,
Wallsend NSW Australia
Jan. 15, 2007
#1, #2, #3, #4,

Awesome Comet!!

Photo details: Pentax *istDS and sigma 50-500mm lens.

Andrew Catsaitis,
Central Coast, NSW, Australia
Jan. 15, 2007

This was my chance to see Comet McNaught, now that it's swung over for us to see it in the Southern Hemisphere. It was very bright in evening twilight, sporting a beautiful broad tail. Truely a sight to behold.

Photo details: Canon 20D, ISO 400, Canon 600mm @ f/8, 1/100 sec exp.

Grahame Kelaher,
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Jan. 15, 2007
#1, more

The comet became naked eye visible just after local sunset (8:09pm) and was a beautaful sight after being clouded out the night before! This shot was taken just before it dipped into the haze from bushfires on the horizon.

Photo details: Canon EOS 20D, 300mm f/5.6 1/50s.

Barry Kilner,
Brighton, Adelaide, South Australia
Jan. 15, 2006
#1, more

Comet Mc Naught finally arrived in the Southern Hemisphere and just after sunset put on a great show, at times out shining Venus.

more images: from Daniel Brooks of Sydney, NSW Australia; from Paul Haese of Windy Point, Adelaide, Australia;