Sunset Eclipse Gallery
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Summary: The setting Sun became a strange-looking crescent in central parts of the United States on June 10, 2002, during a partial solar eclipse. [full story]

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Unless otherwise stated, all images are copyrighted by the photographers.

  Photographer, Location, Date Larger images Comments

David Larzelere, Sacramento, California, USA #1 D. Larzelere: "Penny enjoys mid-eclipse." (Note the crescent shaped shadows.) Photo details: Canon PowerShot G2, ISO 100.

Stan Richard, Saylorville Lake north of Des Moines, IA, USA #1, #2, more S. Richard: "One of the pictures has an eagle flying on the left side of the image. I used 420mm focal length at f/8, exposing for 1/125 sec on Fuji Provia 100F film."

Ginger Mayfield, Divide, CO, USA #1 G. Mayfield: "I live 20 miles from the huge fire in central Colorado and photographed the solar eclipse through smoke clouds near my home in Divide, CO. At the time of the image there was dense smoke in the area and large smoke clouds to the west."

Mike O'Leary, Mt Laguna, just
east of San Diego, California, USA.
#1 M. Oleary: "This picture consists of two images taken on the same frame. The first is of the sun at max eclipse (6:24 PDT) using a 4" refractor with a Type 2 filter. The second exposure, on the same frame, was taken just after sunset using a 300mm lens. "

Jim Stryder, Western Colorado Math & Science Center, Grand Junction, CO, USA #1, #2 J. Stryder: "Here, a young astronomy enthusiast demonstrates a safe method of observing solar eclipses. She's holding a white fiber-board, and was standing about 6 feet away from a 10-inch dobsonian, which we used to project the image."

David Mahoney, San Jose, California, USA #1 Photo details: Meade ETX-90, Coolpix 995 digital camera and a metal on glass solar filter

Douglas Stewart, Belleville, IL, USA #1 Photo details: Pentax LX 200mm lens

Loyd Overcash, Galveston, Texas, USA #1, #2, #3 L. Overcash: "This image was taken from the top of a 150' bridge. Clouds were a problem, but we had fun anyway." Photo details: Sony VX-2000 video camera and a Memory Stick.

David Ryle, Lake Wichita in Wichita Falls, Texas, USA #1 Photo details: Fuji Superia XT 400 print film and a SLR camera with a 50mm lens on a fixed tripod.

Dirk Obudzinski, Sedona, Arizona, USA #1, #2 These unusual images show the eclipsed Sun (through the edge of a solar filter ) over Arizona's Cathedral Rock.

Sho Endo, Tokyo, JAPAN #1 There was a partial eclipse in Japan, too, on June 11th. S. Endo: "I got a gift from heaven, so I want present this gift to everybody in the world."


  • Matt Brooks took this picture using an LX200 with an Orion solar filter, 40mm Scopetronix plossl, and a Sony Mavica digital camera held up to the eyepiece.
  • Richard Honea projected this image of the eclipsed Sun on a sidewalk in San Diego for passers-by to enjoy.