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July 11, 2010
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Summary: On July 11, 2010, the new Moon passed directly in front of the sun, producing a solar eclipse of rare beauty across the South Pacific. The path of totality crossed the Cook islands, Easter island, the waters off Tahiti, and southern parts of Argentina and Chile. [full story] [animated eclipse maps]

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Stephane Guisard,
Esater Island, Anakena beach
Jul. 11, 2010
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Fantastic moment on the feet of the Ahu NauNau Moais. Weather got clear the same morning of the clipse, fantastic and unreal !

Glenn Schneider,
(see above) 18deg 10.8min South, 126deg 9.2min west (East of Tahiti) at 39,000 feet on an aircraft intercepting the centerline at 1920UT.
Jul. 11, 2010
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Quick look composite of 5 frames from 2500 km east of Tahiti at 39,000 feet on a centerline intercept jet charter. More to come later on the website! Duration of totality 9min23sec (not a typo - shadow chasing!)

Howard Brown-Greaves,
Anaa Atoll, French Polynesia
Jul. 11, 2010

Taken from the South of Anaa Atoll on the Astro Expeditions tour. A small section from the main group set off on a pre-dawn convoy of 3 small but very powerful speedboats for a bone jarring 20 miles trip to the South of the remote Atoll where we enjoyed an extra 30 seconds of totality in stunning surroundings. Canon 40D, 24mm lens, 1/15th Sec.

Jay Pasachoff,
Easter Island
Jul. 11, 2010
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Eclipse 2010 Composite A solar eclipse photo (gray and white) from the Williams College Expedition to Easter Island in the South Pacific (July 11, 2010) was embedded into an image of the Sun's outer corona taken by the Large Angle Spectrometric Coronagraph (LASCO) and shown in red false color. LASCO uses a disk to blot out the bright sun and the inner corona so that the faint outer corona can be monitored and studied. Further, the dark silhouette of the moon was covered with an image of the Sun taken in extreme ultraviolet light at about the same time by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). The composite brings out the correlation of structures in the inner and outer corona. Credits: Williams College Eclipse Expedition -- Jay M. Pasachoff, Muzhou Lu, and Craig Malamut; SOHO’s LASCO image courtesy of NASA/ESA and Naval Research Laboratory; solar disk image from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory; compositing by Steele Hill, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

Francisco A. Rodriguez,
Atoll Tatakoto (French Polynesia). 1400km East from Tahiti.
Jul. 11, 2010
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80mm f/5 Refractor + x2 duplicator + Canon EOS 350D. SAROS Group 2010 Expedition.

more images: from Cesare Guaita-Gruppo Astronomico Tradatese on Rapa Nui (Easter island); from Steve Harvey of Easter Island; from Brad Templeton of Hao, French Polynesia