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January 26, 2009
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Summary: The Year of the Ox began with a solar eclipse. On Monday, Jan. 26th, the same new Moon that marked the Chinese Lunar New Year passed in front of the Sun--dead center--covering 93% of the solar disk. The annular eclipse was visible from a narrow path spanning the Indian Ocean; the sunset end of the path fell across Borneo, Sumatra and Java, where observers saw a fantastic "ring of fire" sink into the sea at the end of the day. [details]

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Jefferson Teng,
Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
Jan. 26, 2009
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It was cloudy in my hometown (Bandar Lampung, Indonesia), but we managed to see the best Ring of Fire. It was my first experience to witness this breathtaking view =)

Photo details: Canon 350D, 80mm refractor @ prime focus, various shutter speeds due to clouds and haze.

Alberto Lao,
Binondo, Manila, Philippines
Jan. 26, 2009
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Partial Solar Eclipse on Jan 26, 2009 the start of the Chinese New Year of the Ox as seen and photographed at sunset over Manila Bay from Binondo, Manila amidst cloudy skies.

Photo details: Sony A100 digital camera 500mm Reflex F8@1/60 (equivalent 35mm focal length:750mm

Chantal Steyn,
Gough Island 40deg20'S 9deg52'W
Jan. 26, 2009
#1, #2

It was amaizing watching about 20% of the sun rise over the ocean this morning. Gough island was a good location for viewing the eclipse, despite the cloud cover.

Photo details: Nikon D300 1/1250s f/32

Raymund Sarmiento,
Manila, Philippines
Jan. 26, 2009
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I took the shot of eclipse from my office as the sun sets using a Canon 400D set at iso800

Kobus Olckers,
Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa
Jan. 26, 2009
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A cloud bank was rolling in, and I caught these before the clouds eclipsed the whole event (for me, at least). Taken with a Canon S2 with an X-ray picture of somebody's neck held in from of the lens.

more images: St Davids College, Llandudno, North Wales,