Solar Eclipse Gallery
March 29, 2006

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Summary: On Wednesday, March 29, 2006, the moon passed in front of the sun producing a solar eclipse visible from parts of four continents: animated eclipse map.

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GOES-East weather satellite in Earth orbit
Mar. 29

This satellite image shows the moon's shadow off African west coast on Mar. 29, 2006

Editor's note: Thanks to reader Gary Deatsman for bringing this image to our attention.

The International Space Station, 230 miles above Turkey
Mar. 29
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The shadow of the moon falls on Earth as seen from the International Space Station, 230 miles above the planet, during a total solar eclipse at about 4:50 a.m. CST Wednesday, March 29. This digital photo was taken by the Expedition 12 crew, Commander Bill McArthur and Flight Engineer Valery Tokarev. Visible near the shadow are portions of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea and the coast of Turkey.


Williams College Eclipse Expedition,
Kastellorizo, Greece
Mar. 29
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Led by Prof Jay Pasachoff, the Williams College Eclipse Expedition (from Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA) to Kastellorizo, Greece, accomplished its scientific observations of the solar corona during the three minutes of totality and also took a variety of regular pictures. The student participants were Megan Bruck '07 of Tempe, Ariz., Paul Hess '08 of Simsbury, Conn., Shelby Kimmel '08 of Newton, Mass., Jesse Levitt '08 of Natick, Mass., Amy Steele '08 of Orlando, Fla., and Anna Tsykalova '08 of Ardmore, Pa.

John Veevaert,
Goreme, Turkey
Mar. 29
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These shots were taken in the Goreme area of central Turkey. There were very thin high clouds which did not detract from the overall splendor of the 3:14 of totality. Great show!


Michel Benvenuto,
Mar. 29
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Shadow casting was the motto of the day. I was supposed to be in Turkey, in Antalya, but had to cancel at the last minute--no total for me then, only a partial, but we got lucky: Here in Nice it was clear, and the "Bay of Angels" was at its best. Here are 3 pictures taken around the maximum at 12:30 local, the first one is of Aloe Plants, but you can read "NICE" on the leaves, a piece of paper, a few holes in it, a solar eclipse and that's it! The second one is how to have an eclipse on your shoulder. The third is is a self portrait.

Danny Bekerman,
Petach Tikva, Israel.
Mar. 29
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Wonderfull eclipse! In Israel it was only 83% eclipe but it was great. At the max point there tempertures dropped 3 deg. and the light was darker. A bit couldy from time to time but it didn't stop me from taking pictures of the eclipse. Used a Canon A610 camera with a 10x50 Binocular.

Bruno Nolf,
Vichte, Belgium
Mar. 29
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Hi all, Very cloudy here in Belgium, but luckily, some clearings. Got a chance to make a few images and visitors/schoolchildren had plenty opportunity to view the eclipse through a Celestron C8 with Baader filter, images made with Olympus C4000z and Scopetronix Maxview 40. Greetings, Bruno.

Stojan Stojanovski,
Sun Eclipse from Ohrid Macedonia.
Mar. 29
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Pictures was taken with 150/1200 telescope - 25mm, with KODAK digital camera

Joel Bavais,
Ath, Begium
Mar. 29
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'the Moon & Sun's little kiss' from Ath in Belgium. Photo details : Canon 300d, 200mm lens, mylar filter, 100iso, 1/4000. I think that I was a lucky guy today because the clouds are gone at the beginning and are come back at the end of the phenomenon !

more images: from John C McConnell of Maghaberry Northern Ireland; from Hermann-Michael Hahn of Cologne, Germany;