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The Perseids: July-August 2009
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Summary: Forecasters expect the 2009 Perseid meteor shower to peak on August 11th and 12th. Moonlight will interfere with the display, but not ruin it. Sky watchers in dark country locations could see more than 100 meteors per hour, and perhaps as many as 200 if Earth passes through an anticipated filament of comet dust that is crossing Earth's path. NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office warns of a possible outburst at 0800 UT (01 a.m. PDT) on August 12th. [live meteor counts] [possible outburst] [observing tips] [sky map]

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Lorenzo Comolli,
Hole 10, Golf Club, Luvinate (VA), Italy
Aug. 12, 2009
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A Perseid meteor while observing from hole 10 at the Luvinate Golf Club, near Varese (Italy). On the foreground, the lights are from the lake of Varese.

Mahdi Zamani,
Abianeh, Kashan, Edfahan, Iran
Aug. 13, 2009
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Photo1: A Perseid meteor, Summer triangle and milky way. Camere: Canon 30D ISO: 1200, Exposure: 3 min, f: 5.6 Photo2: 2 Perseid meteors and planet Jupiter under bright moonlight. Camera: Canon 5D, ISO: 400, exposure: 6 min, f: 8

Antonio Finazzi,
Monte Avaro, Cusio (BG) - Italy
Aug. 13, 2009
#1, #2

Perseid meteor fireball of night August 12/13.

Photo Details: Canon 20DA, Nikkor 20mm f/3,5, ISO 1600, Exposure 60sec

Stan Richard,
Ashton Observatory NE of Des Moines, IA in rural Jaspter county
Aug. 12, 2009
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Tonite's display was even better than last night. We saw quite a few bright meteors and lots of earthgrazers early on. My daughters and I had a blast! Photos were taken at the Ashton Observatory NE of Des Moines, IA - home of the Des Moines Astronomical Society.

Charles Allison,
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA
Aug. 13, 2009

Photo details: Canon XT, 18-55mm, 20sec exposure at F3.5, 800 ASA

more images: from Robert Hoetink of Enschede, The Netherlands; from Nizic of France; from Domenico Licchelli of Gagliano del Capo, Italy; from Abe Megahed of Madison, Wisconsin; from John W. O'Neal II of Amherst, Ohio; from Edgar of Fremont, California; from Paul Evans of Delamont Country Park, co Down, Northern Ireland; from Peter Elzinga of Burgum, Friesland, The Netherlands; from Stefano De Rosa of Isola d'Elba (Italy); from Malcolm Park of Near Cobourg Ontario, Canada; from Stanislav Kaniansky of Lubietova, central Slovakia