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The Leonids: Nov. 15-18, 2009
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  Summary: On Nov. 17, 2009, Earth passed through a cloud of debris from Comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle, causing an outburst of 100+ meteors per hour over Asia and a lesser display over North America and Europe. [full story] [sky map] [meteor counts]
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Shawn Malone,
Munising, MI USA
Nov. 18, 2009

I read about the fireball event on Spaceweather Nov.18 and wondered if what I captured could be the same event in Michigan. I saw a brilliant flash of light, and trail, but wasn't set up yet for pics. I did take a series of the cloud dissipating, this is one from the series. It was estimated to be taken around 3am et.

Photo details: Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 14mm 2.8, 60 sec exp.

Jefferson Teng,
Chongming island, Shanghai, China
Nov. 18, 2009
#1, #2

This time we decided to go away from the city light to observe the Leonids. I captured this bright fireball and it left a smokey trail which lasted for around 3 minutes.

Photo details: Canon 350D, 15mm f/2.8 @30 seconds, ISO800.

Bjørnar G. Hansen,
Grøtfjord Kvaløya, Tromsø, Norway
Nov. 17, 2009
#1, #2, #3

Pictures was taken at Kvaløya, Grøtfjord. Leonids was green coloureds of the aurora i think.

Ottawa, Canada
Nov. 18, 2009
#1, more

Cold Canadian night while surrounded by city lights, but I still got up and went out at 2:30AM and got my one shot of a Leonid meteor.

more images: from Ali A. Al-Abandi of Fadhli Area, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia; from Pierre Martin of Renfrew, Ontario, Canada; from James Kevin Ty of Legaspi City , Philippines