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The Leonids: Nov. 19, 2006
  Summary: On Nov. 19th, Earth ran into a cloud of comet dust--debris from Comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle. The result was an outburst of Leonid meteors over Europe.
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Antonio Finazzi,
Colli di San Fermo, Bergamo, Italy
Nov. 19

Photo details: Nikon FE2 + Nikkor 28mm f/2,8, Kodak Ektachrome E200 a ISO 500, Exp. 3m a f/2,8.

[6 MB movie]
Robert Haas and Casper ter Kuile of the Dutch Meteor Society, observing from Spain
Nov. 19
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Observing from 0400 UT to sunrise from a dark-sky location in Spain, we used image-intensified cameras to record many Leonid meteors.

Jarek Olejnik,
Nysa, Polska
Nov. 16
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A fireball over Poland.

Noeleen Lowndes,
Astrocamp at Leyburn, Queensland, Australia
Nov. 19

I was in the middle of taking a wide field photograph of the constellation Leo the Lion when this spectacular meteor blazed its way through the constellation. What I noticed most was the beautiful colours and its glorious green coloured tail that left a smouldering smoke trail as it faded--it was absolutely stunning!

Photo details: Canon 350D SLR with a 24-85 lens piggybacked on a tracking telescope. Exposure time was 3 minutes with ISO set at 800.

Conor McDonald,
Northern Ireland, Co.Derry, Maghera
Nov. 19
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As we were eating a huge fireball came racing from Leo! It was bright blue then flashed and turned bright white, it stretched 45degs long and was magnitude -7.5. Though the most amazing part was the some train which lasted for 7mins!!

Martin McKenna,
Maghera, Co.Derry, N.Ireland
Nov. 19
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What a great night we had last night. Four of us drove to a dark country location outside Maghera to watch the Leonids. We seen 226 meteors of which 181 were Leonids, at one stage we seen 8 Leonids in 10 seconds!! Of note was a mag -10 fireball which left a stunning smoke train for 7 min's! at 01.28 UT (see image) I also caught a mag -7 fireball at 05.56 UT which illuminated the frosty country road.

Photo details: Fuji S5600 5.1MP at ISO 800 15 sec exp F/3.2

Uguri Kizler,
Bursa, Turkey
Nov. 19

Photo details: Canon Rebel XT, 17 mm f/2,8, ISO400, 30 s exposure

P-M Heden,
Vallentuna, Sweden
Nov. 19
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I was very lucky when the clouds went away just in time to be able to see a nice Leonid display. There were not so very many of them, but they were very bright and beautiful.

Photo details: Canon DLSR on a tripod, iso 800, f/5.6 and a 10s exposure.

Thad V'Soske,
Grand Valley, Colorado, USA
Nov. 18
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I saw only a few Leonids and was very lucky to catch this one at 5:45am (local time) on Nov 18.

more images: from Yaron Eini at the Wise observatory, Mitspe Ramon, in southern Israel; from Brian Emfinger near Ozark, Arkansas; from Ron Wayman of Tampa, Florida; from Roy Keeris of Nieuw Beerta, Groningen, The Netherlands;