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January 2008
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Summary: In January 2008, sky watchers across Scandinavia witnessed an unusual number of nacreous clouds. After mid-month, hardly a night went by without someone spotting the telltale mother-of-pearl colors in the sky; particularly vivid displays occurred on Jan. 19-21 and Jan. 24-26. These clouds are supposed to be rare and the sudden abundance is a puzzle. [comments]

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Kalinka Irina Martín Iglesias,
Tunhovdfjorden, Buskerud, Norway
Jan. 20, 2008
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I had never seen so huge, colourful, mutating nacreous clouds! Camera: Canon Digital IXUS 700. Automatic ASA, lowest exposure. For the darkest photo i used sunglasses as a filter. I have corrected shadows and lights a little in Photoshop, trying to recreate what i actually saw in reality;but the beautiful colours in the clouds have NOT been enhanced.

Håkon Dahle,
Fjellhamar, Norway
Jan. 20, 2008
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A rare and stunning display of nacreous clouds (also known as "mother-of-pearl" or polar stratospheric clouds) was visible from near Oslo, Norway on the evening of January 20th. Photo details: Nikon D70, 85mm lens, ISO 200, 1/60s exposure

Ragnar Johnskås,
Ringsaker, NORWAY
Jan. 20, 2008
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Beautiful nacreous clouds over Norway on the 19th and 20th of January. It started a couple of hours before sunset and the colours got more vivid after sundown.The photos were shot with a Canon 20D camera.

Johannes Lillegaard Frøyen,
Jan. 20, 2008
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This is the second time i have seen Nacreous clouds and it did not disappoint.The first time i got to see them was in fact yesterday and it was beautiful but in terms of size and brightness it did not come close to the ones today.The sun set about 16.00 and as i was walking along a lake nearby i took these pictures.Notice how the reflection from the clouds make the ice covered lake look like a wavy ocean.The show lasted about an hour and as the last rays hit the cloud it became bright orange and disappeared quickly after. The pictures were taken using a Nikon D70s

more images (Jan. 19): from Derick Rethans of Skien, Telemark, Norway; from Morten Ross of Sandbukta, south of Oslo, Norway; from David Milton of Angered, south western Sweden.

more images (Jan. 18): from Toby Rutland of Gothenburg, Sweden