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Summer 2005
  Observing tips: Look west 30 to 60 minutes after sunset when the Sun has dipped 6o to 16o below the horizon. If you see luminous blue-white tendrils spreading across the sky, you've probably spotted a noctilucent cloud. Although noctilucent clouds appear most often at high latitudes such as Scandinavia and Canada, they have been sighted in recent years as far south as Colorado, Utah and Virginia. NLCs are seasonal, appearing most often in late spring and summer. In the northern hemisphere, the best time to look would be between mid-May and the end of August. See also 2003, 2004 and 2006.
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Jan Koeman,
Kloetinge, the Netherlands
Jun. 15
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Just after midnight there was a wonderful display of noctilucent clouds in the northern sky. They seem to move around at high speed at an altitude of 50 miles. I observed these magic blue clouds from my roof-window.

Photo details: Nikon D70 at 400 iso and 12-24 or 80-200 mm lens. Exposure around 4 seconds.

Rostock / Northern Germany
Jun. 15
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NLC for two nights one after the other seen from Germany.

Photo details: Canon EOS 300D, 400 ASA, 6 seconds.

Eva Seidenfaden,
Trier, Germany
Jun. 14
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Noctilucent clouds are extremely rare at Trier - and these were very bright, coming up right before midnight, the first of this summer. They were glowing as if they were lit from within! Even the moon could not outshine them.

Michiel de Boer,
Netherlands, Gulpen (near Maastricht) The time was near Midnight.
Jun. 14
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These are my first photo's of NLC and it is my second observation of it. First I had doubt if I saw cirrus clouds or NLC, but when it got darker the clouds got their typical look. The first photo shows an orange glow of the city lights: it was fairly dark, but the NLC was still glowing.

Photo details: Canon 350D, ISO 200, variable exposure times (around 15 seconds).

Daniel Ricke,
Lehrte near Hannover, Northern Germany
Jun. 15

Picture is taken from the highest level I was able to get to: a roof-window. Loveliest NLC I have seen so far.

Photo details: Sony DSC-F828, f2.2, ISO 200, 10 seconds

Koen Miskotte,
Ermelo, The Netherlands
Jun. 15
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A nice display of NLC's above the Netherlands on 14 and 15 june.

Photo details: Canon 10D with 2.8/28-80 zoom (I) and a Canon EF 2.8/15 mm fish eye.

Casper ter Kuile,
De Bilt (near Utrecht), the Netherlands
Jun. 14
#1, #2

I observed this fine display of the NLC's together with my neaghbor and meteorologist Jacob Kuiper of the Dutch National Weather Service who is on one of the images pointing to the NLC's.

Photo details: Canon Ixus-700, 400 ISO, 4 seconds.

André Müller,
Aachen, Germany
Jun. 14
#1, more

The last two nights there were some bright NLC displays over most of Europe.

Photo details: The image is stitched from three single shots with my Canon Powershot A95. 50 ISO, 15s, 2.8 @ 21:42h UT

Henk Bril,
Nieuwstadt, The Netherlands
Jun. 14
#1, #2, #3, more

Marvellous noctilucent clouds!

Photo details: Canon Eos 350D. Pictures taken at 21.36 - 22.07 UT.

Johan op den Dries,
Sneek, Netherlands
Jun. 15
#1, more

Photo details: Sony W1 digital camera, 100 ASA, 13s exposure

Jun. 13
#1, #2, more

NLCs are back! Enclosed images are taken in Rostock,Germany on 2005-06-13 to the 14th. It is always worth to use a telephoto lens, too. The animated GIF shows fast movements and changings in NLC height. Images taken within 19 minutes starting from 22:53UTC.

Photo details: Canon EOS 300D, lens 4.5/200mm, each 10 s exposure at 400 ASA. 1x unsharp masking The other image is taken with 2.8/50mm, 400 ASA, exposure 6s; 23:15UTC on 2005-06-13 (Capella on the left). The houses are illuminated by street lamps 1x unsharp masking.

Martin Stirland,
Winterton On Sea, Norfolk, England
Jun. 12
#1, #2, more

The cloud display started due north around dusk and went on till after 1am GMT.

Photo details: Canon 20D, 800 ASA, 6s exposure, from 12 to 12.30 am GMT over looking the North Sea

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