The 2004 Transit of Venus
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Summary: Every 120 years or so a dark spot glides across the Sun. Small, inky-black, almost perfectly circular, it's no ordinary sunspot. Not everyone can see it, but some who do get the strangest feeling, of standing, toes curled in the damp sand, on the beach of a South Pacific isle.... Get the full story from Science@NASA.

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Unless otherwise stated, all images are copyrighted by the photographers.

  Photographer, Location Images Comments

Steve Sprengel,
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Jun. 08, 2004
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Third Contact Beckons at Sunrise: Despite obscuring the moment of third contact, the clouds as well as the bird make this a nice image. No solar filter was necessary. This is a cropped 6MP 1/800th f/10 Digital Rebel image using a Tamron 28-300mm XR LD telephoto from 6:10 am CDT.

James LaPlante,
Westfield, MA USA
Jun. 08

ASA 400, 1/1000 sec, Meade ETX 90, Prime Focus, unfiltered at sunrise,

Dennis Erickson,
Chicago IL
Jun. 08

An airplane contrail crossed the sun as we watched the transit of Venus from the bikepath along lake Michigan.

Michael Sussman,
Adler Planetarium, Chicago, IL, USA
Jun. 08
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Tons of folks came out to the Adler Planetarium's public viewing session. All pictures taken afocally through my 6' F/7.5 home-built Newt using a Canon 3.2 megapixel digital camera and a 32mm Koenig. Some are barlowed, some not.

Nigel Bryant,
Glasgow, Scotland.
Jun. 08
#1, #2

Taken through high cloud with 12 inch SCT plus ToUcam at f3.3 and f10

Choon Kiat Lim,
University Science of Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
Jun. 08
#1, more

Because of the clouds, we only manage to view the transit while in progress. The images were taken with 8 inch SCT with Thousand Oak solar filter. Canon 300D camera was used with exposure of 1/200 sec at 200ASA.

Don Wheeler & Brien Dunn,
Monroe, Louisiana, USA
Jun. 08
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Photo taken with video stills at 6:10 AM CDT then stacked with Registax.

Wolf Manfred,
Köngetried, Bavaria, Germany
Jun. 08
#1, #2, #3, #4

Taken with C-11 and Pentax Optio 330 GS digitalcamera, 100 ASA

Don A. Koenigsberg D.O.and his daughter Becca,
Bryn Mawr, Pa
Jun. 08
#1, #2, #3, #4,

The transit at sunrise, viewed via the projection method.

more: from Ronnie Sherrill of Statesville N.C., USA; from Ed Scott of Tampa, Florida; from Andrew Fazekas of Montreal, Quebec, Canada; from Edward Nash in a cornfield in Hebron, IL, USA; from Menno Vanger of The Netherlands; from Alan Levin of Columbia High School, Maplewood, NJ, USA;

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