Comet LINEAR A2 Photo Gallery
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Summary: Comet LINEAR (C/2001 A2), which crumbled and brightened as it neared the Sun on May 24th, became a 3rd magnitude object in southern hemisphere skies. On June 30th the evaporating snowball from the outer solar system passed 0.24 AU from our planet.

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Tim Puckett, Ellijay, GA, USA,
July 19, 2001
#1, more This 1.1 MB MPG animation was created by Tim Puckett (© 2001) from a series of 45-to-60 second exposures he took using a 30 cm f/10 reflector equipped with an Apogee AP7 CCD.

Thad V'Soske, Mt. Laguna, CA,
July 15, 2001
#1 Photo details: 18 min piggyback exposure on Fuji Press 800 film using a 135mm Zuiko lens @ f/2.8

Todd Gross, Massachusetts,
July 14, 2001
#1 T. Gross "This is a compilation of eight 15-second images. The thinner tail was NOT visible in suburban skies through the scope without the CCD." Photo details: 450mm f/l , 90mm, apo refractor. Camera: MX7c from Starlight Xpress.

Mike Lynch, Franklin County, Kentucky, July 13-14, 2001 #1, #2, #3, more Photo #1 is a six-minute exposure with a 100mm lens and a 2x doubler; #2 is the same exposure time with the 100 mm lens alone; #3 was taken over six minutes with a 70mm zoom lens.

Frédéric Merlin, Fontaine-Notre-Dame, France, July 12, 2001 #1, #2, more Photo details: 260mm lens F/D 4.5 and Fuji Superia 800 ISO film. Exposures time: between 5 and 8 minutes

V. A. Buso, M. Ascheri, J. L. Sanchez, G. Ballan, & Luis Mansilla, Rosario, Argentina, April 26 - July 5, 2001 #1 This unique montage shows Comet LINEAR as it appeared to observers at the Observatorio Astronomico Cristo Rey in Argentina during the interval April 26 to July 5. The images were captured using a Schmidt 21.5 cm f/2.9 + PICTOR 416XT CCD.

Michael Mattiazzo, Wallaroo, South Australia, June 13, 2001 #1 M Mattiazzo: "This is a photo of comet LINEAR C/2001 A2 captured during its peak brightness of visual magnitude 3.3 using Fuji Superia 800 and 50mm f/1.8 lens and 30 second exposure."

Mike Lynch, Franklin County, Kentucky, July 3, 2001 #1 M Lynch: "10x50 binoculars showed a greenish fuzzy spot with no tail. But the photo, a 3-minute exposure on Fuji 400 ASA film showed a tail which became a bit more visible when the contrast was enhanced. Not a Hale-Bopp or Hyakutake, but at least it was naked-eye!"

Anton Spenko, Rezmon Observatory, Slovenia, July 2, 2001 #1 Photo details: 3 minute exposure through a Meade LX200 8" telescope, f2, CCD MX512

Clive Jackson, Algarve, Portugal, July 1, 2001 #1 Photo details: 3 minute exp. at f 3.6, focal length 500 mm, field of view 1º , Starlite Xpress/MX9 CCD.

Morton Henderson, Algarve, Portugal, June 28, 2001 #1, #2 M Henderson: "These exposures were 10 minutes on Fuji Press 800 film, using a 210mm zoom lens. The prints were then scanned and enhanced with Paint Shop Pro."

Victor Angel Buso, Mariano Ascheri, Luis Mansilla, Rosario, Argentina,
June 27, 2001
#1 L. Mansilla: "C/2001 A2 (LINEAR) 2001 06 27.413 with blue filter - 10 min exposure (left) 27.395 without filter - 3 min exposure (center) and 27.425 infrared filter - 3 min exposure (right). Taken with a Schmidt 21.5 cm f/3 + PICTOR 416XT CCD from the Observatorio Astronomico Cristo Rey."

Chris Picking, Masterton, New
Zealand, May 13, 2001
#1 C. Picking: "This image was taken on 13 May using a 35mm camera with a 135mm lens, the exposure length was 10 minutes and the film was Kodak Supra 400. "

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