Comet Snyder-Murakami Photo Gallery
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Summary: Douglas Snyder of the United States and Shigeki Murakami of Japan co-discovered a new comet on March 11th. In an age of robotic telescopes such as LINEAR, any amateur comet discovery is remarkable, but one with a brightness of magnitude 10.4 -as Comet Snyder-Murakami is estimated to be- is rare indeed! This comet apparently has already passed perihelion and is on its way back to the outer solar system. It is expected to remain at its current brightness for another month.


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Mariano Ascheri & Victor Angel Buso,
Santa Fe, Argentina
March 15
#1 Mariano Ascheri and VĚctor Buso captured this composite of six 1-minute exposures of comet Snyder-Murakami.

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