Oct. 28, 2008 Colorado Fireball Sightings
compiled by Chris Peterson of Guffey, Colorado: more

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Location: Buena Vista, CO
Comments: This was VERY bright. On my farm on a moonless night it is very dark. This lit up my yard enough to see the leaves on the rabbit brush clearly across the road; I could see the individual pieces of gravel in the driveway forty feet away. It lit up the whole valley. I was trying to look at another planet with my crappy telescope at the time, and my focus was on that viewfinder at first. The brightness startled me, and when I looked up, this brilliant meteor burned across the sky, sparkling gold yellow, maybe greenish as it threw off pieces.
I don't know if it was this, but there was what sounded like a sonic boom two or three minutes later.

Location: Boulder, CO
Comments: Large, very bright fireball, multi-colors, about 4-6 seconds. It seemed to go across most of the sky, but I was facing towards the South-West and it was going away from me. I couldn't see if it seemed to hit ground or not due to trees in my neighbor's yard.
My daughter would like to add-
It was SPARKLY! And it was BRIGHT! O.M.G! It was SO AWESOME!

Location: Fort Collins, CO
Comments: This one had blue, green and orange colors, with definite visible flames coming off of it. If Venus was a dime, then this was a silver dollar. It was absolutely the most amazing thing that I have ever seen in the sky, and I watch the sky a lot. I have a very nice telescope, and have seen the rings of Saturn, and the moons of Jupiter, but this was with the naked eye and totally blew me away...my heart was really cranking for a while afterwards!

Location: Park County, CO
Comments: It was close enough to the ground that it lit up the inside of my car with a blue-green flashing light and the was an sonic boom as it traveled overhead. It was moving from the SE to the NW. When it went out, it appeared to be below the top of the Continental Divide and was near the Georgia Pass area NW of the town of Jefferson.

Location: Near Manitou Springs, CO
Comments: I saw a flash similar to lightning then spotted the fireball over head. It was bright enough that Pikes Peak was illuminated and was brilliant white. Just awesome!

Location: I-80 just west of Ogallala, NE
Comments: We had just got back on the interstate from gassing up. We first saw it due west at about 45 degrees inclination. It moved to the right (north) and descended to about 10 degrees above the horizon NorthWest of us. It appeared silver/white at first (head and tail)and then the head turned to brilliant green. We saw brilliant green for what seemed like about 10 seconds then the light just dimmed out over a couple secs while it was still above the horizon. It was so bright and clear that I assumed we were very close to it (maybe a few miles at most). It looked almost like someone shooting a Roman Candle from across the street. I was very surprised to hear how far away it really was.

Location: Boulder, CO
Comments: I was heading southeast towards Denver and it was to our west... towards the flatirons,and I saw a bright, blue streaking, which then turned into a reddish/orange firey mass. It then seemed to disinagrate into white flasing particles. It lasted about 3 seconds. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen in the sky, 2nd would be the green flash during sunsets in Florida.

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