Northern Lights Photo Gallery
April 2010
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Summary: Solar activity continues to increase after a two-year solar minimum that ranks among the century's deepest. The return of sunspots and a resurgent solar wind is good news for aurora watchers, who are seeing some of the best displays since ~2006. See also March. 2010.

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Albert Jakobsson,
Iceland, Glacier Eyjafjallajokull in the south part of Iceland
Apr. 4, 2010
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I went to see the volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajokull Glacier persisting into its second week, with lava flows into nearby canyons. In the twilight the auroras begin to dance in the sky and it was breathtaking to say the least. Nikon D200 100 ISO f/3,5-5,6 18-200mm ISO 100, exp 30 sek 18 mm

Lance Parrish,
Skiland, Alaska, 20 miles NE of Fairbanks
Apr. 5, 2010
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Active displays beginning shortly after midnight which became very active around 1 am local time. Exceptionally fast moving, colorful, horizon to horizon, northern lights which stayed directly overhead for a good while, sort of centered around the big dipper. Many shot at ISO 6400 to shorten the exposure time in an attempt to capture the detail. Nikon D3- ISOs 3200 & 6400 16mm f2.8fisheye and 14-24 mm f2.8. Exposure times from just under 1 second to 4 seconds.

Tenho Tuomi,
near Lucky Lake, SK, Canada
Apr. 5, 2010

Aurora, like piano keys. Camera Canon Rebel XT, 20 sec, ISO 1600, 18mm focal length. According to my magnetometer the real aurora came 3 hours later.

Ian Robins,
Ringstad Bø Vesterålen
Apr. 4, 2010
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Last night 4/4/10 It did not even wait for it to get dark before the show started. What a show this is turning out to be a really fantastic month. 30 secs F4 iso 400 12mm for all of these. I like the contrast between the remaining blue in the sky and the stunning green.

Daryl Pederson,
The Denali overlook in southcentral Alaska.
Apr. 3, 2010

I took advantage of the low auroral activity and shot a couple hour time exposure with Denali for a foreground. Nothing Vernal about it, well I guess there is a little green at the bottom right from aurora way north, but the days are much longer as I couldn't start this exposure until after midnight.

more images:
from Ab Kuenzli outside Fairbanks, Alaska; from Helge Mortensen of Kvaløya, Troms, Norway; from Stuart Horner of Terrace, British Columbia, Canada