Dec 14, 2001, Solar Eclipse Gallery
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Summary: Sky watchers in Hawaii and most parts of North America experienced a partial solar eclipse on Friday, Dec. 14th. The eclipse was annular (ring-like) along a narrow path in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. [more]

All images below are copyrighted by the photographers.

  Photographer, Location Images Comments

Robert Mason, Siesta Key, Florida, USA #1 Click here to see more of Robert Mason's sunset photography.

George W. Fleenor, Siesta Beach in Sarasota, Florida, USA #1 G. Fleenor of Bradenton, FL, captured this remarkable picture of the eclipsed Sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico. Photo details: 600mm telephoto @ f-11 Fuji 200 ASA.

Robert M. Sandy, Salem, Virginia , USA #1, more Bob Sandy used a Nikon digital camera with a 3X telephoto lens and a red filter to record this lovely image of the crescent Sun setting over Virginia.

Vic & Jen Winter, the path of annularity, Costa Rica #1, more Photo details: Nikkor 600 mm, f/4, Fugi 400 color negative film

David Ryle, Wichita Falls, Texas, USA #1, #2 This intriguing picture shows the crescent Sun photographed through some tree limbs with the camera focused on the limbs. Photo details: 203.3mm f/6 telescope with a Nikon FM camera using Fujifilm Superia XT 400 print film at 1/1000 second exposure.

Kevin Rodenhofer II, Coral Springs, Florida, USA #1, #2, #3 The thumbnail image is a composite of the setting Sun and its projection through binoculars onto a white wall.

Elisa Morua, Nosara Beach on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica #1, more Photo details: Sony DSC-S70 and
Baader Solar filter.

Stan Richard, Johnston, Iowa, USA #1, #2 S. Richard: "With the help of my co-workers here at Iowa Public Television, I used binoculars to project an image of the Sun on white paper, then photographed the projection with a Nikon 950 digital camera. Notice in photo #2 you can see sunspot 9733, which has been releasing flares this week."

Olivier Staiger, Punta Leona, on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica #1, more "This is Klipsi (a.k.a. Olivier) reporting from Costa Rica, where I saw the annular solar eclipse from Punta Leona on the Pacific coast. This image comes from a Sony Video Digital8 camera. It was great!"

Fernando Golscher, San Salvador, El Salvador #1 F. Golscher: "This photo shows the Sun over El Salvador just two minutes before maximum eclipse. The monument in the foreground is El Salvador del Mundo (The savior of the world). The photo was taken using one layer of filter on the camera lens." Photo details: Canon 1-N with a 200 mm lens, f.16, Fuji Film 100 ASA, 1/800 sec exposure.

Vic & Jen Winter, the path of annularity, Costa Rica #1, #2, #3, more These hydrogen-alpha images
were captured using a "Celestron 100mm f/5.6 and 4x barlow, prototype SI systems Hydrogen Alpha Filter, on 2145 tech pan film - 1/8 second."

Ginger Mayfield, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA #1, #2 G. Mayfield: "These images were taken with an Olympus C-2100 digital camera through an 85mm refractor with a homemade baader filter. Image #1 is a close-up of the lunar limb against the bright background of the Sun with a sunspot nearby."

Vladimir Lara, San Salvador, El Salvador #1 V. Lara captured this sequence using a Canon 1-N camera, a 600 mm lens at f/5.6, 100 Fuji film, and 1/200 sec. exposure. The fifth photo of the sequence is the "full contact" image, which was taken at 4:20 p.m. when the Moon covered 78 percent of the Sun

Ronald L Wayman, Tampa, Florida, USA #1 R. Wayman captured this photo of a Sun through a pair of binoculars at 5:20 Eastern Standard Time.

More images (click on the name of the photographer to view the image):
Daniel L. Baker (Harrisville, West Virginia); Dave Halupowski (Pensacola, Florida)

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