Regarding Latitude
High vs. Middle vs. Low
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Aurora forecasts often distinguish between high, middle and low latitudes. There is no universally accepted definition of these three categories. Here is what we mean by them on

High latitudes: e.g., Alaska; Canada; US northern border states such as Washington, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, Vermont and Maine; Scandinavia; northern parts of the United Kingdom; New Zealand and southernmost Australia.

Middle latitudes: e.g., US states like Oregon and northern California, Wyoming, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina; northern Germany and Poland; southern parts of the United Kingdom.

Low Latitudes: e.g., US states like Texas and Florida, southern California, Arizona, Arkansas, South Carolina; Mexico; Puerto Rico; Spain and Portugal; nations around the Mediterranean Sea; northern Australia.

Auroras are most often seen at high latitudes and least often at low latitudes. The key to aurora-spotting for middle and low latitude observers is knowing when to look, and for that SpaceWeather PHONE is a useful helper.

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