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The Geminids: Dec. 8-15, 2009
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  Summary: The Geminid meteor shower peaked in 2009 under ideal viewing conditions. A new Moon provided dark skies for a display of 120+ meteors per hour on Dec. 13th and 14th. [full story] [live meteor counts] [meteor radar]
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Bjørnar G. Hansen,
Kvaløya, near Tromsø, Norway
Dec. 13, 2009

Photo details: Nikon D3, Nikon lens 14-24mm/2,8 at 15mm 30 sec at 2,8

Stephen J Griffiths,
South coast of the Isle of Wight (UK).
Dec. 13, 2009

A Geminid Meteor flashes towards Orion, watched by Dr Lucy Rogers and Encke the dog.

Photo details: Nikon D700

P-M Hedén,
On the roof of my observatory in Vallentuna Sweden
Dec. 14, 2009
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Wow, what a show! The forecast said cloudy but I was really lucky with some clear skies between the clouds. And I lost count of all the Geminids I saw! Several green, like fireworks and many white-blue, it was great!!

Tyler Costantini,
Pittsburg, KS
Dec. 13, 2009
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This is a screen capture using Spectrum Lab v2.74b3 listening to 76.3082MHz which is the pilot carrier from TV ch5 on 12/13/2009. The flat lines are meteors the curved lines are satellites and aircraft. The time stamps on the left side of the image are in CST.

more images: from Helge Mortensen of Kvaløya, Troms, Norway