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The Geminids: Dec. 8-15, 2009
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  Summary: The Geminid meteor shower peaked in 2009 under ideal viewing conditions. A new Moon provided dark skies for a display of 120+ meteors per hour on Dec. 13th and 14th. [full story] [meteor counts] [meteor radar]
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Wally Pacholka,
Mojave Desert near Victorville, CA
Dec. 14, 2009
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I took this monster Geminid photograph 3:29am Monday morning from Mojave Desert near Victorville CA at the specific location of Hercules Finger rock formation using a canon 35 mm camera, having taken some 1522 photographs over a 12 hour period that night. Usage of image is restricted to include full copyright as 'Wally Pacholka / / TWAN" without exception.

Roman Piffl,
Bratislava City, Slovakia, Europe
Dec. 14, 2009
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Second night of Geminid’s maximum was relative clear in Bratislava. So my meteor camera captured many bright geminids - this was nice end of meteor year 2009 ;). Photo details: CCTV Watec 902H2 Ultimate + 3.4 mm lens Rainbow f/1.4 + UFO Capture V2.2, Bratislava City

Mostafa Kazemi Pour,
Shushtar, Khuzestan, Iran
Dec. 14, 2009
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take photo graph meteor shower gemini by canon 500 d and shute:30 s , iso : 1600

Karl Johnston,
Fort Smith, NWT, Canada
Dec. 14, 2009
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I went out to photo the geiminids and wasn't sure what to expect. I had photographed the perseid shower and managed to get a shot with up to 8-12 meteors and the aurora way back in april! I was hoping for similar results, and while I saw a lot of meteors I only managed to capture just this one. Brilliant blue streaks across the sky. I will be going out again to try for another few shots. Carl zeiss 21 2.8 and 5D mark II

Shusaku Tago,
Toyama, Japan
Dec. 13, 2009

Time elapse movie (HD) of Geminid meteor shower.

more images: from Phil Hart of Heathcote, Victoria, Australia; from Marcio Malacarne of Goiapaba-açu Observatório Astronômico (GOA), Fundão-ES, Brazil; from Jyrki Nikkilä of Lautiosaari, Keminmaa, Finland; from Knut Sandaker of Kvaløya, Norway; from Khosro Jafari Zadeh of Shushtar, Khuzestan, Iran;