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April 8 2005

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Summary: The Moon glided in front of the Sun on April 8th producing a partial eclipse across the Americas and a total eclipse in the Pacific Ocean. [full story]

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Ana Maria Londoņo,
Medellin, Colombia
Apr. 08
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This was the solar eclipse that occurred April/08/2005. The moon was covering the 93% of the sun.

Darren Trizzino,
Dallas, Texas
Apr. 08
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After many evenings of inviting friends to watch double stars and planets in the freezing cold of night, the April 8th eclipse offered a daytime opportunity with pleasant weather. The image of the Sun was taken with a SolarMax40 telescope. The Happy Eclipse photo is an example of pinhole projection: My wife and good friend watched the eclipse as a pair of friends perform pin hole projection using a 2' 'pin hole' from a few feet away. And the last photo is an example of solar projection using a 5' achromatic refractor. Everyone had a great time and very much enjoyed the daytime astronomy. All photos were taken with a Sony Cybershot DSC-P100.

Howard Eskildsen,
Ocala, Florida
Apr. 08

April 8, 2005, 22:20 UT Meade ETX-125, Baader Visual Solar Film MaxView 40 eyepiece, W-15 yellow filter Nikon Coolpix 4300 12.2 mm FL, f/4.3 1/261 second Ocala, Florida Howard Eskildsen

Gene Henderson,
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Apr. 08
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Here in Pittsburgh we were right on the edge of the eclipse. As one can see, below the 'E' in the photo is a very slight indent. That is as big as it ever got. The projected setup I used to take the picture can be seen in the 2nd photo.

Diana Diaz,
Macigual, Merida Estate, Venezuela
Apr. 08
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Views from annular eclipse in Venezuela's village of Macigual in western state of Merida, 730 km from Caracas, April 8, 2005. Sony DSC-F717

David Marshall,
Cave Hill, St. Michael, Barbados
Apr. 08

This was as much as could be seen before the Sun dipped behind a bank of clouds and disappeared completely. Photo Details: JVC GC-A70 digital camera afocal to a Celestron NexStar4 via a 25mm eyepiece.

Bob Sandy and Carmen Lang,
Roanoke County, VA
Apr. 08
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Taken through clouds with a Canon 10D digital SLR using a 280mm lens and a red filter.

David McKirdy,
Tampa, Fla, USA
Apr. 08

This photo was taken with a Panasonic Lumix FZ20 digital camera at 12X zoom and a Baader solar filter at F2.8 and 1/20 at 6:03 EDT.

Ben Cooper,
Daytona Beach, FL
Apr. 08
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ASA 400, f/8, 1/500. Clouds blocked out the first half (most of it) but cleared for the second half. So my sequence is not complete but still 'ok' :-) See ya in 2012!

Becky Ramotowski,
Tijeras, New Mexico
Apr. 08

Just a nibble of the Sun was taken by the Moon during the solar eclipse on April 8. I hope it wasn't too hungry afterwards.

More: from Julie Deth-Rhoden Hutto of Laurel, Maryland; from Bob Lombardi of Melbourne, FL; from Christie Ponder of Stafford, Texas; from Friedrich Deters of Goldsboro, North Carolina; from Mark A. Brown of O'Fallon, Illinois; from Tom King of Watauga, Texas