Northern Lights Photo Gallery
March 2010
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Summary: Northern spring is here--and that means it's aurora season. For reasons researchers don't fully understand, the weeks around equinoxes are the best time of the year to look for Northern Lights. See also Feb. 2010.

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Fredrik Broms,
Kvaløya, Norway
Mar. 2, 2010
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With the almost full Moon rising and thin clouds drifting in I didn`t expect to see any auroras tonight, but then a sudden outburst came at about 22:00 local time. After very intense but short peak in activity with a wonderful corona in green and red, the northern lights calmed down, but behaved in a way I haven`t seen before, criss-crossing above the thin clouds creating an eerie look in the winter landscape with the Moon hanging low.

Photo details: Nikon D3, Nikkor 20mm f/2.8, ISO 800-1000, 4-15 sec exposures.

Helge Mortensen,
Kvaløya outside Tromsø
Mar. 2, 2010
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There was a 5 minute burst of high activity last night. Manage to take 5 exposures until this faded away. It was very active and rapid movements. Would have been excellent for those with video option on the DSLR.

Photo details: Canon 40D and the Canon 16-35mm

Frank Olsen,
Kvaløya Island outside Tromsø, Norway
Mar. 2, 2010
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Me and two buddies went out for Aurora-searching last night. We waited out for several hours, but it never showed up. On our way back home, a great outburst occured. Never has the car stopped so quickly on an icy road as last night!

Bjørnar G. Hansen,
Aurora over Sommarøy, near Tromsø
Mar. 2, 2010
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Wiktor Kupczyk,
Tromso, Norway
Mar. 2, 2010
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Fantastic visibility just in city center, very rapid wave of aurora. We waited few hours, it danced just for half an hour but was absolutely worth waiting.