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  Summary: Comet 17P/Holmes shocked astronomers on Oct. 24, 2007, with a spectacular eruption. In less than 24 hours, the 17th magnitude comet brightened by a factor of nearly a million, becoming a naked-eye object in the evening sky. By mid-November the expanding comet was the largest object in the solar system--bigger even than the Sun. Since then, the comet has faded back to invisibility. A leading model of the blast posits a deep cavern of ice changing phase, from amorphous to crystalline, releasing in transition enough heat to cause Holmes to blow its top. The comet probably contains many such caverns so, one day, it could happen again. [ephemeris] [3D orbit]
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Paolo Candy,
Cimini Astronomical Observatory - Soriano - Italy
Nov. 6, 2007

This is a "Jellyfish" comet! The coma is green and the tails are blue. I worked with a very clear sky and the camera was a Zen Baker-Schmidt 8" F/2 with a STL 6303E for a total of 36 min (LRGB-->5,3,3,15min)of exp.

Jan Koeman,
'Veerse Meer' a lake near Middelburg, The Netherlands
Nov. 3, 2007
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Last Saturday-evening I was on board of sailing clipper 'Marinus' from 1901. We were on the lake of Veere, an estuary closed from the North Sea. This clipper must have seen comet Holmes passing by several times. We saw the comet without telescope high in the clear sky. With my Nikon D70 and 10,5 mm fish eye I took this picture (1000 iso at f 5,6 and 60 sec. exposure). Pleiades and Auriga are also clearly visible.

Jack Newton,
Portal Arizona
Nov. 5, 2007

Comet 17P Holmes has now sprouted many tails!

Thorsten Boeckel,
Fuerstenfeldbruck, Bavaria, South Germany
Nov. 5, 2007
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And here my update of the comet in comparision of the moon. On Monday the expanding wave had an diameter around 17 arcmin, and is now more than the half of the moon. The other once were photographed at the 3rd 22.30 UTC.It must be a very dark area to get the tail on chip. Nikon 480mm, f4, ASA 800, Bel 160sec, Canon 20D

Filipe Alves,
Atalaia, Portugal
Nov. 2, 2007
#1, #2, movie

This is a mosaic of 7 images composed of 8x120second exposures each using an ASA astrograph 8" f/3.8 and a Atik 16HR with Blue filter, to show the tail of the comet, the tail itself changes quite fast with time, and is much bigger than I thought. The second image is a colour composite with radial blur enhancements.

Finally, here is an 8 hour movie of the comet's tail in the blue channel enhanced by rotational blur centered on the nucleus. Taken with the 8" ASA astrograph and Atik 16HR.

Ivan Eder,
Budapest, Hungary (Europe)
Nov. 4, 2007
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This picture shows the comets incredible ion tail. Taken with a 130/780 TMB refractor, Canon 350D camera with 15x5 min exposure at ISO 800. Date 11.04.2007, 21h UT.

Antonio Finazzi,
Monte Avaro, Cusio (BG) - Italy
Nov. 2, 2007

Comet 17P/Holmes as the tadpole! Photo details: Canon 20DA + Borg 101 Focal 640mm f/6,4 -Exposures: 4x180 seconds at 1600 ISO. 4x240 seconds at 1600 ISO.

Paul Klauninger,
Near Carp, Ontario, Canada
Nov. 3, 2007

The comet now appears to be half the diameter of the full Moon through binoculars or a telescope. Even with the naked eye it's obvious that the bright star-like center is surrounded by a spherical haze. This mosaic shows the comet, Moon and Mars on the same night and all to scale. The comet image was a 20-second prime focus exposure on a 10" F6.3 SCT, using a Canon Digital Rebel at ISO 1600.

more images (Nov. 3-5): from Sadegh Ghomizadeh of Iran Tehran; from Pat Pinnell of Little Indian Creek Conservation Area, Franklin County, Mo; from Peter Delinčák of Cadca, Slovakia; from Marco Casonato of Genoa, Italy; from Radek Grochowski of Swidnica, Poland; from Murray Hines of Chula, Georgia; from Tom Davis of Salisbury, NC; from Anthony Arrigo of Park City, Utah; from Joe F Gafford of Deer Trail, CO; from Jose R. Gonzalez of Miami, Florida; from Luca Basili of Monti della Tolfa (Rome - Italy); from Tommy Hartline of Burleson Texas; from Runar Sandnes of Reed, Norway.