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  Summary: Comet 17P/Holmes shocked astronomers on Oct. 24, 2007, with a spectacular eruption. In less than 24 hours, the 17th magnitude comet brightened by a factor of nearly a million, becoming a naked-eye object in the evening sky. By mid-November the expanding comet was the largest object in the solar system--bigger even than the Sun. Since then, the comet has faded back to invisibility. A leading model of the blast posits a deep cavern of ice changing phase, from amorphous to crystalline, releasing in transition enough heat to cause Holmes to blow its top. The comet probably contains many such caverns so, one day, it could happen again. [ephemeris] [3D orbit]
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Milan Gucic & Slavko Stojanov,
Novi Sad, Serbia.
Nov. 12, 2007

After almost two weeks sky was clear in Novi Sad, Serbia. The passion for this comet didn't die still, so we got out and shoot it once more until we say "goodbye" with Holmes. Only high light polluted sky stopped us to "shoot down" this comet to every single detail.

Sebastian Voltmer,
Spicheren, France
Nov. 12, 2007
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growing of comet Holmes in 10 days (November 2nd --> November 12th 2007), ST 2000XM LRGB composite

Geir Øye,
Ørsta, Norway
Nov. 13, 2007
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I was out imaging the comet when this satelitte came crossing through the coma for a close "encounter". Photo details: 0.2m telescope (Vixen VC200L @ f/6.4) Canon Digital Rebel XT Iso:800 exp: 38sec.

Valentin Grigore,
Targoviste, Romania
Nov. 8, 2007
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Comet 17/P Holmes is a photo attraction for urban citizens. In Targoviste, Romania, the people can do nice pictures with the comet over their homes or over the city symbol: Chindia Tower (Dracula's). Its "naked eyes size" is visible just for 35mm focal length lens. Really, a great comet!

Daniel Bedoya,
Medellin, Antioquia (Colombia)
Nov. 12, 2007
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Comet Holmes is so bright that I can photograph it in the city. Is very big and beautiful to see at naked eye. Photos taken around 22:30 local time. Camera: Canon Powershot A620, F/2.8, 15 sec exposure.

Christie Ponder,
Plantersville, Texas
Nov. 11, 2007
#1, more

My boyfriend, Andrew, and I were at the Texas Renaissance Festival. When we looked to the skies we found Comet Holmes was so bright it was a beautiful sight even though high level clouds!

Rolando Ligustri,
from Torsa, land near our observatory (Talmassons-Italy)
Nov. 12, 2007
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comet 17P near the star Mirphak. the image is taked with apo 101/540 and ccd SXVM25C, average of 5x10min

David Hough,
Wallsend NSW Australia
Nov. 11, 2007
#1, #2, #3

comet holmes from a six degree horizon from Wallsend Australia

more images (Nov. 10): from Mike Borman of Evansville, Indiana; from Doug Zubenel of De Soto, Kansas;

more images (Nov. 8-9): from Eric Walker of Conon Bridge, Highlands Scotland; from Jari Kankaanpaa of Kauhava, Finland, Europe; from Mohammad Akoochekian of Kowsar Observatory, Isfahan, Iran; from Joseph Caruana of Ghajnsielem, Gozo, Malta; from Fredrik Broms of Ljungsbro, Sweden; from Ralph Ford of Redondo Beach, CA;

more images (Nov. 6-7): from Peter Delincak of Cadca, Slovakia, Europe; from Khosro JafariZadeh of Ahvaz, Iran; from Andrey Litvinov of Moscow, Russia;

more images (Nov. 4-5): from Deepak Dembla of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London; from Dominic Cantin of Québec city , Canada;