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Summary: The full moon glided through Earth's shadow on May 15/16, 2003. Sky watchers in the Americas, Europe, Africa and parts of Asia saw the moon redden and fade for nearly an hour. It was the first lunar eclipse of 2003. [full story]

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Dennis Mammana, San Diego, CA, USA #1, #2, #3 D. Mammana: "While I was busy showing the eclipse to a crowd of hundreds outside San Diego's Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park, I was able to snap these few shots using my Canon G2."

Steve Rismiller, Milford, Ohio, USA #1 S. Rismiller: "Here is an image of the moon and a star just about to be covered up by the moon. " Photo details: 102 ED Vixen refractor, 32mm eyepiece, a Nikon 995 digital camera at ISO 400 and a 4 second exposure.

John Nordlie, Bloomington, MN, USA #1 "I was holding a digital camera above the eyepiece of my telescope," says Nordlie, "when this plane flew in front of the moon:"

Zachary Long (age: 9), Houston, Texas, USA #1 "Here is a photo taken by my 9-year old son Zachary with a pair of Meade digital binoculars from Houston at 2150 CDT on May 15th," says dad Kevin Long.

James W. Young, JPL's Table Mountain Observatory, California, USA #1 Photo details: 10-inch f/5 Parks reflector, Minolta Dimage 7Hi digital camera, 20 second exposure

Rijk-Jan Koppejan, Westkapelle, The Netherlands #1, #2 R-J Koppejan: "Members of the Philippus Lansbergen Public Observatory in Middelburg (The Netherlands) went to Westkapelle to observe the total Lunar eclipse this very early morning. The moon was setting, so we only could see the first part of the eclipse. We had fine views over the sea, and about 20 visitors came to this beautifull spot to enjoy this eclipse."

Jimmy Westlake, Yampa, Colorado, USA #1 J. Westlake: "Here's a digital shot of the eclipsed Moon rising over Yampa, Colorado taken at 8:43 pm MDT using a Nikon CoolPix 5700 camera."

Lloyd Welton, Salisbury, New Brunswick, Canada #1

Photo details: Minolta DiMage 7i 200mm and 2x digital zoom, 4 sec exposure @ f3.5, 100 ISO. Taken at 12.42am local time in Salisbury NB Canada. No image editing.

Bob Malarz, Tempe, Arizona, USA #1, #2 "This picture shows the Arizona Public Service Power Plant with the moon and an airplane--taken at 2007 Phoenix time," says Bob.

Greg Sellek, Madison, Wisconsin, USA #1 Photo details: Olympus C-4040 digital camera, full digital zoom

W. Sanders, Lafayette, CA, USA #1 Photo details: Canon A70 digital camera, exposure 5 to 8 sec at f4.8 and ASA200.

Benjamin Poupard, Chateau Thierry, France #1 Soon after this picture was taken "the eclipsed moon was lost in the blue of the morning sky, and nearly invisible, even in my telescope!" says Poupard. " The photo was taken with a Coolpix 885 - 1 sec. FD 2.8 - behind a Megrez 80/480, using a 26mm plossl."

Dan Bush, Albany, Missouri, USA #1 D. Bush: "The clouds cleared just enough for me to grab this shot. It was taken with a Nikon CoolPix 995 and 8 second guided exposure through an 8" f/6 Meade Telescope."

More: from Peg Staudenmaier of Green Bay, Wisconsin; from Charlie Kiesel of Fort Branch, Indiana, who says "binoculars gave the reddish-brown moon a really nice 3-D look and the star just off the edge added to the beauty of the eclipse;"