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Summary: The full moon glided through Earth's shadow on May 15/16, 2003. Sky watchers in the Americas, Europe, Africa and parts of Asia saw the moon redden and fade for nearly an hour. It was the first lunar eclipse of 2003. [full story]

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Cleet Carlton, San Francisco, California, USA #1, #2, more "It was amazing how crowded the road was with people with telescopes, cameras, and binoculars," says Cleet Carlton, who took these remarkable pictures of the partially eclipsed moon rising over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Jesús Ojeda, St. Francis, Wis #1, #2, #3 Photo details: Sony DSC-F707 digital camera attached to 8" Meade LX10, ISO 100, 2 second exposures. Two of the exposures show the occulation of the star TYC 6192-1595-1.

John Stetson, Falmouth, Maine, USA #1 none

Esteban Castro Acuña, Departamento de Astronomia, FCFM-UANL, Mexico
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Jeff Cole, Bloomer, Wisconsin, USA #1 J. Cole, Chippewa Valley Astronomical Society: "This photo is an afocal JPG shot with an Olympus C-700UZ digital camera using a home-made adapter to attach the camera to a 32 mm Televue eyepiece. The adapter was machined from 6061T6 aluminum tubing. The camera / eyepiece assembly was attached to a Celestron Celestar 8 SCT."

Raúl Gavidia, San Salvador, El Salvador #1 Raúl Gavidia took this photo using a Canon EOS 520 digital camera. In the foreground is the national monument El Salvador del Mundo (the Savior of the World) at the Plaza Las Américas in San Salvador

Bryan Murahashi, overlooking San Jose, California, from the Sunnyvale Baylands trails #1 Photo details: Olympus C2100UZ with a B-300, 1.7x telephoto lens

Lukas Gornisiewicz, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada #1 Clouds obscured the view of this eclipse, but 19-yr-old Lukas captured a beautiful picture anyway.

Mark Hoffmeyer, Scottsdale AZ, USA #1 Photo details: Olympus C700 digital camera set to 400ASA, F3.5, exposure 1/400 sec.

Raquel Shida, Sao Paulo, Brazil #1 none

Jim Pastore, Tucson, Arizona, USA #1 Photo details: shot using a Nextar telescope and a Nikon 885 digital camera

Steve Ruppa, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA #1 These images were taken by Steve approximately every 10 minutes using a Nikon Coolpix 4500 coupled to a Stellarvue AT1010 refractor.

More: from Andrew Boyle of Orlando, Florida; from David Darling of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin; from Adrien Lorion of Chambly City, Québec; from Jerry Gunnett of Kenton,Ohio; from Didier Keus of Spa in Belgium; from Dieter Klatt of Oldenburg, Germany; from Drew Medlin of Memphis, Tennessee;