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Summary: The full moon glided through Earth's shadow on May 15/16, 2003. Sky watchers in the Americas, Europe, Africa and parts of Asia saw the moon redden and fade for nearly an hour. It was the first lunar eclipse of 2003. [full story]

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  Photographer, Location, Date Larger images Comments

Bob Sandy, Roanoke County, Virginia, USA #1 B. Sandy: "This image shows the occultation of the star HR 5762 in Libra during the lunar eclipse. The six images were taken with a 400mm lens and a Canon D60 digital camera."

Stan Richard, Urbandale, Iowa, USA #1 S. Richard: "This picture shows the totally eclipsed moon about to occult a 5.5 mag star (TYC 6192-1595-1) in the constellation Libra. I took this shot right before it happened. I then grabbed my binoculars and watched it all of a sudden disappear behind the bottom limb of the eclipsed moon, a magical sight indeed. This occurred at exactly 10:35:15 CDT."

Dominic Cantin, 130 km north of Québec City, Québec, Canada #1, more D. Cantin: "It was amazing to see the Milky Way at the same time as the eclipsed full moon!" Photo Details : 16mm @ f 4 or 200mm with tele-converter 2X , Kodak Supra 400

Gianni Tumino & Melania Pluchinotta, Ragusa, Sicily, Italy #1, #2 the eclipsed moon at sunrise in Sicily

R. Mark Elowitz, Albuquerque, NM, USA #1 M. Elowitz: "This image shows a partially eclipsed moon after totality. The craters Tycho and Copernicus are visible."

Loyd Overcash, Houston, Texas, USA #1, #2 L. Overcash: "This is one of the darkest eclipse I have viewed." Photo details: Takahashi FS-128; Nikon D-100 digital camera; exposure time was 10 seconds at 400 asa.

Robert Hoetink, Enschede, The Netherlands #1, more R. Hoetink: "In the Netherlands the eclipse began at 04.03 a.m. local time. A little later the twilight began."

Brad Templeton, Mountain View California, near the NASA Ames Research Center #1, #2, more Don't miss this spectacular panorama.

Jim Stryder, Western Colorado Math & Science Center, Grand Junction, CO, USA #1 J. Stryder: "This image was taken using a small Sony digital DSC-P7-P9 camera hand-held to the eyepiece, to capture this colorful view. Overall, we witnessed only about 35-min of the eclipse."

Thad V'Soske, near Mt. Laguna, California, USA #1, #2, #3, more "The appearance of the copper-colored moon above the fire-scorched mountain landscape made the scene all the more dramatic. " says V'Soske.

Abe Megahed, Madison, Wisconsin, USA #1 Photo details: 8" SCT and a Coolpix 990 with a 32mm eyepiece. Exposure time: 1 second (unguided).

Bartek Okonek, Poland #1, more Bartek Okonek: "In Poland the sky was getting blue as the eclipse started at about 4:00 a.m." Click here to download Okonek's video.

More: from Rachel Jacklyn Bilodeau of Montreal, Canada; from Denis Joye through hazy clouds over Paris, France; from Kris Linquist of San Jose, California;